Content Review of A Tall Ship, a Star, and Plunder Edited By Robert J. Krog

Review of A Tall Ship, a Star, and Plunder

A Tall Ship, a Star, and Plunder Review - Content Review of A Tall Ship, a Star, and Plunder


In our review of A Tall Ship, a Star, and Plunder

we found the following:

  • Moderate Violence
  • Moderate Language
  • Mild Romance

This is similar to a PG-13 rated movie.

Book Description

Piracy has been around as long as there have been ships plying the seas with anything that might be valuable enough to take by force. Piracy will still be around when merchant vessels are traveling the galaxy with cargoes of potential plunder. Explore the past, present, and future of our favorite scallywags in these 24 amazing tales of bravado, daring, and dastardly deeds committed by the legendary pirates. Good luck, and may the wind be in your favor, blowing you toward good pickings, and a safe harbor.

A Tall Ship, A Star, and Plunder includes these short stories:

  • Yo Ho, © 2013, Melinda LaFevers
  • Rumble the Dragon, © 2013, Cindy Vallar
  • The Princess and the Sea, © 2013, Sydney Blackburn
  • Ghost of a Chance, © 2013, Paula Gail Benson
  • The Making of a Privateer, © 2013, Melinda LaFevers
  • Not I, © 2013, Jerri Hardesty
  • Fireflies on the Water, © 2013, Michael Krog
  • The Celeste Affair, © 2013, D. Alan Lewis
  • The Davidof Dilemma, © 2013, Tom Sheehan
  • Bottom of the Mug, © 2013, S. P. Dorning
  • The Serpent and the Dagger, © 2013, Robert J. Krog
  • The Gods Must Clearly Smile, © 2013, A. Christopher Drown
  • Corey of Steel, © 2013, Jerri Hardesty
  • The Jamaican Dragon, © 2013, D. G. Driver
  • Rosa and the Pirate, © 2013, Laura Nelson
  • The Ghost of Queen Anne’s Revenge, © 2013, M. R. Williamson
  • Of Wing and Song, © 2013, Kirk Hardesty
  • One Way, © 2013, Herika R. Raymer
  • Puffystuff the Pirate, © 2013, Jerri Hardesty
  • Theft of the Royal Jewels, © 2013, Kathryn Sullivan
  • Eighty-Six Pitrell Becomes Dread Admiral, © 2013, Paul Calhoun
  • Rasputin’s Whimsey, © 2013, T.A. Riddell
  • Pirates of Happenstance, © 2013, HC Playa
  • Blood is Thicker than Pirate’s Gold, © 2013, Kent Swarts

Excerpt From Rumble the Dragon by Cindy Vallar

Deep within the bowels of Cymru, two caves combined to create an immense cauldron-like chamber.
Striated walls ebbed and flowed into peaks and valleys like waves crashing onto the shore. The
higher the walls rose, the narrower they became until shrouds of darkness concealed the ceiling.
At the far end of the cauldron, a frozen river of gray, brown, and green cascaded onto a polished
floor. Two alabaster pillars guarded a domed rock upon which sat an ancient and enormous dragon
with graying whiskers. Age had faded the emerald green, burnished gold, and umber brown of Dragon
Father’s scales, but time had failed to obscure his regal bearing or dim his keen sight.

On a tiered platform across from him sat the members of his Council. A few emitted occasional low
growls, as if angered, while others uttered high-pitched whistles to show their delight. Lacking
the patience of their leader, nearly all the young dragons flapped their wings, pushed and shoved
each other, or shifted their weight from one foreleg to the other. With a flick of his claws and a
glare through narrowed eyes, Dragon Father silenced them until they perched like stone statues.

Once every half century, he summoned dragons from the farthest reaches of the world to a
confabulation. The preponderance were Great Earth Dragons, but the lesser dragons came in all
shapes and sizes.

Mud-caked, timid Knuckers lingered near the fringes of the gathering.

Farther from the center and even shier than their cousins, the Bucca bumped around in the shadows.
Chirping, mischievous Dwarf Dragons darted over and around the cauldron, annoying one and all.
Moth Dragons, with furry manes and razor-sharp teeth, nestled in the clefts away from the light.
Black-striped Tazzy Dragons warbled from pillars or stalagmites, while their young peered out from
pouches on their parents’ backs…….


You can read more about Rumble the Dragon on Cindy’s site at



Published in 2014 by Dark Oak Press
ISBN: 9781937035655

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